Market Entry Strategy

The first step involved in determining whether a new market is worth entering is determining the addressable potential inherent in the target market for your products and services. BGBS offers comprehensive ‘Strategy Consulting’ support to help you make the right decision when it comes to identifying your next market.

We do this by delivering actionable insights into critical though complex topics such as competitive intelligence, pricing strategy, market entry model, analysis of market trends and finally, our own set of customized recommendations for every client.

Strategy Consulting
Validation Services

Sales as a Service

By far, our most ‘In-Demand’ service offering. ‘Sales as a Service’, simply put, in an extension of your company’s ‘Business Development’ function. Especially when you are in the initial stages of entering a new market, and are looking to augment your sales efforts, BGBS team can be your eyes and ears on the ground. We can provide an added impetus to your market entry efforts by generating sales leads, developing business contacts and opening new customers for your products and services.

All clients have designated ‘Account Leads’ who are responsible for offering you ‘Single Window’ support from BGBS for your sales and marketing requirements.

Channel Partner Development

Many of our clients operate in the ‘B2B’ space. As such, they require experienced sales channel partners who have the ability to hold inventory geographically close to the end user along with having an ability to administer technical installation and maintenance support. For these clients, identifying reliable channel partners in the form of importers, resellers, distributors and sales agents becomes important.

We help in providing access to such companies and individuals native to the local market who can act as official Channel Partners and Market Influencers for your company.

Channel Partner Development
Research and Advisory

Representation & Ground Support

If you are already familiar with the local market and are searching for a capable representative unit that can continue maintaining your existing customer relationships, look no further. We can provide your company support office services such as representation at local exhibitions and conferences, liaising with existing government and business contacts and similar administrative assistance.

In case you are looking to set up a ‘Greenfield Indian Office’, we can offer your company complete foundational support in collaboration with our partners. This would include providing solutions for all your legal, financial, personnel, procurement and real estate challenges required to be solved while getting started in the new market.

Partnerships and Investments

At BGBS, we understand the value of complementary strengths. This is especially true when pioneering companies decide to cross boundaries into new frontiers. In such cases, best sustainable results can be achieved by developing partnerships in the form of Joint Ventures, Mergers, Acquisitions or traditional ‘Transfer of Technology’ arrangements with reputed local companies. Such associations require extensive due diligence and preparatory work. BGBS can support you across this entire spectrum, beginning with identifying the right potential partner candidates and concluding with facilitating negotiations leading to contracts and agreements.

We can also support you in identifying ‘best-fit’ investment opportunities for your capital in the local market that can deliver long-term returns.

Financial Services
Enabling Services

Turnkey Solutions

BGBS is your ‘One Stop Destination’ for all your ‘India Market Entry’ needs. If you wish to work with a local partner who can be a single source of solutions to all the challenges encountered while penetrating a new market, you have arrived at your destination.

In collaboration with our partners, we look forward to working closely with your team by offering an umbrella of unified services to ensure that your India journey begins on the right note and continues to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come.

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