Bazaar Gateway Business Solutions (BGBS) is a specialized 'Market Entry' services company which focuses exclusively on supporting clients to identify and penetrate their next 'Growth Markets'

We provide business services to help our clients find their next market. We primarily cater to international companies who wish to enter the Indian market. In collaboration with our local, on-ground partners, we also offer market entry solutions in select international markets outside India. Countries included in our roster are located in the Middle East, Western Europe, South America and the Far East. We provide our clients turnkey solutions designed to help them identify develop and penetrate new markets for sustainable growth.

Whether you are a start-up, a growth stage company or an established enterprise, entering a new market or finding new customers always presents significant challenges. The BGBS team has had on-ground experience across industry segments and geographies on both sides of this terrain – as representatives of companies attempting to penetrate new markets and as representatives of companies being targeted as new customers.

Who We Are
Who We Are

We have unique perspectives which can help our clients to

  • Identify, penetrate and capture new markets
  • Identify and leverage opportunities within an existing client base to aid revenue growth
  • Identify existing market gaps and develop strategies to benefit from them
  • Identify, engage with and develop channel partners
  • Identify and close deals with M&A / JV targets

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